82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

April 30, 2015

3-82 Operational Report Period Ending 30 April 1968

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Significant Activities: The 3d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division was alerted for deployment to a combat area on 12 Feb 68 and deployed from CONUS to CHU LAI, RVN.  In-country orientation and training began as soon as brigade elements arrived in CHU LAI. One battalion was airlifted from CHU LAI to HUE/PHU BAI on 23-24 Feb 68 and the brigade conducted a road movement to the same area eight days later. From 9 March 68, the entire brigade was involved in combat operations. This reporting period has been divided into five phases . . .  The five phases are as follows:

PHASE I – Deployment: 13 Feb – 27 Feb 68
PHASE II – In-Country Orientation/Training: 18 Feb – 2 Mar 68
PHASE III – Movement and Base Development: 3 Mar – 8 Mar 68
PHASE IV – CARENTAN  I: 9 Mar – 31 Mar 68

General: The 3d Bde, 82d Abn Div was alerted for deployment to a combat area at 121730 Feb 68. Identifying attachments presented no serious problem as they were, for the most part, the same ones that the brigade worked with during field exercises. Also, the fact that the brigade had, two weeks earlier, begun preparations for deployment during the “Pueblo Crisis” made this task easier, since the procedures were established even though actual circumstances and results differed. One example was the aircraft load tables which before had been prepared for C-130 but had to be reconfigured for C-141 aircraft. A team of specialists was dispatched from XVIII Abn Corps to assist in preparing the load tables and other related details. The 82d Airborne Division Readiness SOP was followed in the outloading as checkpoints and movement schedules were established for personnel and vehicles. The brigade was instructed to deploy at TOE strength or as near there to as possible. Fillers were received from within the division beginning on 13 Feb to meet this requirement, Unit integrity, mostly by platoon, was maintained to the greatest extent possible. (more…)