82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade

February 1, 2013

3Rd BCT Regimental Ball March 27,2013

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January 25, 2013

RE: Deployment Order

We Are Invited!

As Dickie Keaton says, “Put on your dress blues, polish you tennis shoes and bring your Cinderella to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team Regimental Ball”.

For the first time ever, Golden Brigade Chapter members have been invited to the Regimental Ball which will be held in Raleigh, NC on March 27, 2013 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

A large block of rooms are being set aside at the Raleigh Marriott City Center hotel at $91 + tax per night. Some type of service ID such as VA card is needed to get this rate.

The Raleigh-Durham airport has great connections and car travel is easy.

You should be receiving a formal invitation from the Brigade very shortly and I would urge you to make reservations as soon as possible after receiving the registration.


We had been tentatively planning a 2013 Reunion in Columbus, GA (Fort Benning) for April but this wonderful opportunity came up. Columbus has been put on hold for the time being so you will have the opportunity to do push ups there in the future should you so chose.

The Ball will be a huge event and you will have a chance to meet the current day Heroes who have served our country so well in various sand and rock piles for so many years.

There will be a Division Review (All American Week) in the week prior to Memorial Day at Fort Bragg this year but it appears that our beloved Brigade will be out of town in a training mode so it is super imperative that we attend in Raleigh.

Dress Code Etc.

All our members are encouraged to wear suits, tuxs etc. Wear your medals so your lady can show you off. You deserve it! Medals of America.com can fix you up if need be.

Gathering Place

As always, we will have a gathering place for our Veterans to enjoy each other’s company – details to be worked out.
Latest info on the Marriott
3 BCT Military Ball
Event dates March 27th-28th, 2013
Code BMB (Online: BMBBMBA)
Cutoff Date for reservations: FEB, 27 2013
Rate $91 + tax
Reservation link: Raleigh Marriott City Center >>
I’d suggest phone reservations at 1-866-260-1270 and mention the above code numbers. If you want to use Marriott points it is a category 5 and takes 25,000 points per night – this is a nice hotel.
Get your reservations in ASAP as the rooms are going fast and lots of people are going—1700+ from 3rd BCT plus 555th, Panther Assn and Golden Brigade

Invitations will be sent from 3Rd BCT shortly.

September 21, 2012


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Setember 21, 2012

September 19, 2012

August 29, 2012

August 12, 2012

August 5, 2012


September 5, 2012

Recent Events Honoring The Golden Brigade At Fort Bragg

Here is a link to a news article about several events recently held at Fort Bragg, NC to honor the 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division, including the laying of a wreath at the Golden Brigade Memorial and the dedication of a new dining facility named after MG Alexander R. Bolling, Jr.


June 8, 2012

Jerry Glen Phillips

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Looking for anyone who served with Jerry Glen Phillips in Vietnam during 1968 with 82nd.

Brian Phillips bphillips@rdsmfg.com

June 5, 2012

B Co, 1/508,1968-1969 with Cpt Hukalani

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Sgt Don Johnson is looking for any one from B company, 1 508th during 1968-1969 with Cpt Hukalani.  I was the commo chief for the captain in the head quaters platoon.  Any one who was a member of this company would be greatly appreciated in contacting me.  I haven’t seen much info concerning “B” company and Cpt Hukalani.  Lets get a group together.

Sgt Johnson

May 28, 2012

82nd Museum Facebook Page

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Just PCS’d back to Bragg from Fort Bliss – where I was Chairman of the Benavidez-Patterson Chapter of the 82d Assoc – and I have built a Facebook Page for the Division Museum at Bragg & have included your webpage on it.  Link is here: 


I went to the convention in Reno last year; met many of you there – it was an honor & hope to see you all at Bragg again soon.


MSG Chris Lewis

B 3/505 PIR  60mm MTRS  87-91
B 2/505 PIR  60mm MTRS  93-96
HHC 2/505 PIR  81mm MTR PLT  02-04
HHC 1/505 PIR  81mm MTR PLT  04 -05

May 20, 2012

TAPS – Tom Fairfull

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Guys, it’s taken me a while to write this . . . I did not know this before the Biloxi reunion . . . maybe that’s good, why cast a pall over a party? or, maybe not, why not join together to mourn, and to toast, and to share fond memories of, a fellow trooper, a great friend . .

Tom Fairfull passed away 10 April 2012 . . . quietly, peaceful at the end. CPT Tommy edited and published the Golden Brigade’s first yearbook, as an Assistant S-3 and Brigade Historian in 1969, and then served as a CoCdr in the 1/508. Tommy was always a fun guy, playing poker, strumming a guitar and singing Veenamee war songs in the O’Club at Red Ball, conducting a Ba Muoi Ba tasting and evaluation program, while rigorously teaching the O’Club gals, Hoa and Flower, to scream on cue “Fat Albert” when our Deputy Brigade Commander, COL Smith, dared to enter; the ladies’ timing was always perfect; the source of this outrageous defamation [a tribute to mediocrity?] was never discovered.

Tommy was a professional; he pulled a tour as an ARVN battalion adviser in Quang Ngai Province, a tour as a BCT Co Cdr, a tour with the 101st–the other Airborne Division–and a tour with XVIII Abn Corps’ Command Section, before joining the Golden Brigade in 1969. He retired from the US Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel, and began a career as a curator of military museums from Fort Bragg to Hawaii.  He returned to CONUS in 2010 for our Reunion in Dallas, a strained goodbye to old friends who read the signs.

Tommy suffered from lung cancer which rapidly metastasized to his brain, and peaceful death came quickly.  He will be buried in the  Punchbowl National Cemetery in Hawaii.

Tommy, you done soldiered good.  We’ll miss you.

Cards would be welcomed by Mrs. Thomas D. Fairfull [Claire], at the family home at 1950 9th Ave #A, Honolulu HI 96816-2906; phone (808) 735-2038.

Dick Goddard

February 28, 2012

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Service Branch Challenge

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I am the daughter of All American LTC William L. Deane, who was declared MIA in Vietnam on January 8, 1973. In April 2000, we interred his remains at Arlington Cemetery.  I am the Education Center Programs Consultant at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) in Washington, DC, and graciously asking for your help.  First, we need high resolution photos (600 dpi or higher) of the fallen soldiers whose names are inscribed on The Wall, and those who died in  Iraq and Afghanistan so we can put faces with names by including them in the new Education Center’s digital exhibit.  Secondly, we need help to raise funds for the Center that will be located on the Mall (located behind The Wall). We currently have a Service Branch Challenge out, asking all active duty and veterans to contribute towards the building of the Center. Please contact me or see http://www.buildthecenter.org/

Sharon M. Deane

February 26, 2012


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WASHINGTON, DC, 14 October 1971


The Civil Actions Medal, First Class has been awarded by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam for outstanding service during the period February 1968 through 2 May 1970 to the 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION and its assigned and attached units: (more…)

February 14, 2012

“In Contact”

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Nearly 44 years to the day since the 3rd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division deployed to Vietnam, the Golden Brigade’s official portrait “In Contact”  has been completed. It  is available for ordering from Somerset Fine Art. Prices and size information are available on the order page.Please direct all questions regarding the portrait to Somerset.


December 16, 2011

In Contact

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Click photo to enlarge; click on the new photo to enlarge again.

December 1, 2011

Golden Brigade Portrait

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Per Ken Steelman (GBC portrait coordinator):

All, I spoke with our artist, Bruce Greene. We should soon have pictures of the painting for Chapter Officer review and critique. Following that, the painting will go to Houston for imaging. After the imaging is approved by Bruce, we will be able to provide the link and images and the price structure for the painting/prints. We are pushing it for delivery before Christmas so the orders may end up being processed and shipped after the first of the year.

See more pics and read more about the artist and the re-enactment here.

October 5, 2011

Heroes Homecoming: Celebration of Vietnam Veterans is a Long Time Coming

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More than 40 years after the Vietnam War was in full swing, Fayetteville is welcoming home the veterans. Fort Bragg and Fayetteville will join forces from Nov. 4 to Nov. 13 to honor the men and women who served.

During the Vietnam era, an estimated 200,000 people came through basic training at Fort Bragg to prepare to fight in what turned out to be a controversial war. In those days, the troops and the town did not always have a good opinion of each other. For soldiers, the town was a place to let off steam before shipping off to a possible doom. For the town, the troops were short-timers sowing their wild oats.

There will be something for everyone. The Cape Fear Regional Theatre will present the musical “Miss Saigon.” Native Vietnamese will describe their own experiences, including communist imprisonment. Retired Gen. James J. Lindsay will share his perspective of several decades of observing the relationship.

Here is a partial list of performances, events and exhibits:

Nov. 3-20: “Miss Saigon” musical, Cape Fear Regional Theater, 1209 Hay St.

Nov. 4-13: “Voices of the Vietnam War,” Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex. Exhibit will feature photography, video and artifacts from veterans.

Nov. 4-5: “Truth and Consequences,” poetry, music, play readings and interviews, 8 p.m., Gilbert Theater, 116 Green St.

Nov. 4-13: A Tribute to Local Vietnam War Veterans, Fayetteville Area Transportation & Local History Museum. Photographs and biographical panels of local Vietnam Veterans.

Nov. 4-13: Displays and exhibits of Special Forces in Southeast Asia. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum on Fort Bragg.

Nov. 3-14: Exhibits on the 82nd Airborne Division’s “Golden Brigade,” which deployed to Vietnam, 82nd Airborne Museum, Ardennes Street, Fort Bragg.

Nov. 6-14: Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall, parade field of Airborne & Special Operations Museum. Opening ceremony at 3 p.m. Nov. 6. The traveling wall is a half-size replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.

Nov. 7: Keynote Address, retired Gen. James J. Lindsay, Vietnam veteran. 7 p.m., Headquarters Library, 300 Maiden Lane.

Nov. 9: Chancellor’s Distinguished Speaker Series presents Dr. Sharon Raynor, author of “Breaking the Silence: The Unspoken Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans,” 7 p.m., Seabrook Auditorium, Fayetteville State University.

Nov. 10: Adrian Cronauer, the Air Force disc jockey portrayed by Robin Williams in “Good Morning, Vietnam.”


Thanks to Dickie Keaton for this contribution!

September 23, 2011

Latest Updates

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Please add your comments to the photos – give them titles and ID the troopers, the unit, the location, and the situation as you recall.

Submit new topics and questions here using the ‘Comments’ link.

Update on MG Bolling

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He is still in hospice but doing well when compared to a short while ago. In fact, he is walking some. This in itself is phenomenal. His exact diagnosis is Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), which is a combination of Parkinson’s and dementia associated with lewy bodies (a faulty protein that kills nerve cells or neurons). By the by, there are over 100 other dementias with Alzheimer’s being most prevalent worldwide.
He does have difficulty now staying focused on long letters. Regardless, the cards and notes he receives keeps his spirit active because he knows that he is still connected to (in his words) “The Golden Brigade – the best soldiers with whom I have ever served”. I can’t thank you enough for this support.
Respectfully yours,
Russ Bolling

Troopers and Dear Friends,

  • You are asked to write short cards or notes to Gen Bolling through Russ. He really enjoys the thoughts from his troopers.
    Do not try to call as Russ is very busy.
  • We have given Gen Bolling an 82nd flag for his room and he liked that.
  • Bob Murrill (1/508), a dear friend of Gen Bolling’s, has been designated by our Chapter as our point man in these matters.
  • As much as we love the man, we must be very careful not to intrude on the family’s privacy and sorrow. We are there to support.

All commo to:

MG Alexander R. Bolling, Jr.
c/o Mr. Russ Bolling
317 North Heartz Road
Coppell, TX 75019