82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

May 30, 2003

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Name: James G, McCann
Email: jgmccann@verizon.com
Comments: Great to see the page.. I was so proud to serve with you all. I hope life has been good for you. Married 31 years to Elaine with five great kids. All the way brothers
RVN Unit: A co. 1/508th and D Co. 1/508
RVN Dates: Deployed with 3rd. Brg.
Location Now: Franklin, Ma.
May 12, 2003 13:34:23 (GMT Time)


Name: Tony Benavidez
Email: tony.benavidez@convergys.com
Comments: Hey Eddie, I was with A co. 1/508 on May 5, 1968. I remember it well. Unbearably hot day. No shade until you go into the woodline. A co was still on the road when it started, I remember a forced march, then as we got closer, Capt. Hayman told us to drop rucks and almost double time until we reached C Co. Ssg Hartwick was my Platoon Sgt. Kind of a crazy guy, in alot of ways!! Best wishes…..Airborne!!
RVN Unit: A/1/508
RVN Dates: 2/68-2/69
Location Now: Tucson, AZ
May 2, 2003 18:13:49 (GMT Time)


Name:Eddie Ramirez
Email: rami20@msn.com
Comments: I still remember what happened May 5th, 1968, and the actions that Company A, 1/508th took that day do help fellow soldiers. The guys that were killed from both Charlie company and Alpha company, 1/508th will alway be in my heart. There were also alot of brave troopers on that day and some that I can still remember. One trooper that I remember seeing, was assaulting an NVA position, and in doing so, lead his fellow troopers up an embankment, thru a hail of enemy fire. SSG Gilbert Hartwick was the trooper’s name.
RVN Unit: Btry C, 2/321 / FO section Co. A, 1/508th
RVN Dates: Feb 14, 1968-Feb 13, 1969
Location Now: San Antonio, Texas
May 1, 2003 17:14:00 (GMT Time)