82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

October 30, 2004

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Name: Tim Sprouse
Email: Blughstred72@cs.com
Comments: Just read the postings from Ron Yorkovich and Bill Culp re: the re-union and think I must really have missed something special! You mentioned Bill Bonser and Bruce Kinzer, who served in my platoon and Jack Hamilton, who was the Company Commander. I was a platoon leader in A,1/505 from June 68 thru March 69 and then was assist. S-3 for 1/505 till June 69. Would love to attend the next re-union. Thanks for creating and maintaining this great web-site.
RVN Unit:  Co.A, 1/505
RVN Dates  June 68-June 69
Location Now  Media, Pa
October 28, 2004 21:28:12 (GMT Time)


Name: Clifton Summerall
Email: Summerallcl@aol.com
Comments: I arrived in country 6June69 and was assigned to 1/505th, I think it was Delta company. Our CO was known as “Raider”, and my platoon leader was “Thunderball”. My MOS was 11B20 and I humped the boonies for 5 months before the 82nd was withdrawn. My squad leader was Sgt. Danny Carothers. Does anyone remember any of these people? 
RVN Unit:  Co. D (?), 1/505th
RVN Dates  6June69 – 6June70
Location Now  Atlanta area
October 22, 2004 16:52:36 (GMT Time)