82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

January 30, 2005

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Name: “Big Lew” Lewis
Email: cody1947@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi gang! Hope to hear from some of You. I was a Radio Teletype Operator with A co,82nd Sig Bn at Bragg and went with the Third to Nam in 68. I helped assembled all the new VSC1’s for us in Bragg (how nice of them to send us over with rigs that only a few were trained on). I might have met some you Ratt operators in Nam, since my entire first month was going from unit to unit and assisting all of you RATT operators in retraining some of our new RATT operators and RTO’s. I have contact with Roger Hopkins and Chuck Neville am looking for anyone else who may have come in contact with us, also looking for Leo Schori and Lt Lanier.
RVN Unit:  HHC 3rd Bde landed in Chu Lai convoyed to Phu Bai
RVN Dates  Feb ‘68 to June ‘68
Location Now  
 January 28, 2005 13:58:10 (GMT Time)


Name: Pete Watkins
Email: Irish127@juno.com
Comments: I visit this site once or twice a week, looking for updates and new messages. I served with Delta Company, 1/505, May 1968 to April 1969. Took the Return Trip to Vietnam and had a great time. Would recommend it to anyone thinking about going on the next trip. 
RVN Unit:  D Company 1/505
RVN Dates  May 1968 – April 1969
Location Now  Erie PA
 January 27, 2005 04:08:40 (GMT Time)

Name: Dick Arnold

Email: arnold_richard_J@lilly.com
Comments: I have a in-good-shape copy of the 1969 Yearbook for the 3rd Bde 82nd. Lots of pics with no captions and a list of KIAs. Someone make me a decent offer. Also involved with a project to identify Company-level units for all 58,000 Vietnam KIAs. Will supply for free spreadsheet of 82nd KIAs broken down by Battalion and Company. Regards Dick
RVN Unit:  A, 1/35th
RVN Dates  1967-68
Location Now  Indy
 January 25, 2005 20:25:14 (GMT Time)


Charles Taliaferro
Email: c_taliaferro@kitchentablegang.org
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RVN Unit:  
RVN Dates  
Location Now  Madera, CA (USA)
 January 15, 2005 17:11:53 (GMT Time)


Name: Linda (Sweeney) Maloof
Email: Sprout23@tds.net
Comments: I am Looking for anyone who knew my husband Harry (Skip) Sweeney in Vietnam during the period around October 1968. He has since passed on and I would like to gain info so that I may pass it on to his children. If anyone remembers him please email me.
RVN Unit:  3d 82d Airborne, also 5thSF “A”Team,also176th Aviation, 14th Combat Btln
RVN Dates  1968 – 1969
Location Now  
 January 14, 2005 22:41:13 (GMT Time)


Name: Heather Glockler
Email: mlhcglockler@aol.com
Comments: I am Michael Glockler’s daughter. I know the 82nd Airborne awards scholarships to seniors for college and I was wondering how I would go about getting the information for these scholarships. I remember seeing something last year in a newsletter, but that is out of date now. Any info would be great! Thanks again, hope everyone is having a great new year!
 January 14, 2005 00:50:33 (GMT Time)