82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

June 30, 2005

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June 30, 2005

Looking for anyone who served with my father in Vietnam. He deployed with the Brigade in Feb of 68 and served in the Artillery, serving as an FO at least part of the time. His name is Richard (Dick) Lee Smith.

Thank You

Jeannine Smith


June 27, 2005

Hi.  I’m looking for any information regarding or photos of my husband, Grable Robert Ortega, from Chino, CA. He was 82nd Airborne, 75th Ranger, but that’s all he’s told me! I don’t want to press the issue…he had a twin brother who was in the 101st. He’s 53, and I’m 37, and we have two toddlers, so I’d like to be able to give them some information on their daddy when they get older. I know he’s surfed some of the websites, and wonders about his friends and buddies… Any help on this would be great! His ex-sister-in-law took all the photos of him and his brother when their mom passed back in ‘69, so he hasn’t got anything to show his kids.

Kathy Ortega
Orange County, CA


June 11, 2005

Hi there. Just e-mailed a person I knew from Viet Nam, got his e-mail from this site. I wish more people from the 3rd Brigade  would use this site because I know others would like to locate old army buddies.. Anyway, there are some that are still hanging in there. Sometimes I think that maybe it isn’t too smart. I served with C Co 2/505 as their FO, Then finished my tour with the 2/321 Arty. Went to flight school and returned with the 1 Avn Brigade in 71-72. The story doesn’t end there, I joined the Guard and fly Ch-47’s and guess what, they deployed and me with them. So now, 33 years later I’m in another combat zone flying combat missions in a AH-47 (really CH-47, but they like to use them to make combat assaults). After all that I really wanted to say that my only real combat patch and the only one I will ever wear is THE 82ND AIRBORNE patch. Have good day and I will see you in March of 2006.

CW4 Dan Manciu
Task Force Storm, Afghanistan
E-mail danny.manciu@us.army.mil


June 8, 2005

I’m looking for Capt. Hayman who was the CO for A Co. 1/508 in late August 68. Please contact me if you have contact information or any personal info that might help me find him. I’m also looking for anyone who participated in an awards ceremony that took place some time in Sept. 68. General Zais was the individual pinning the medals. I served with the 42nd Scout Dog Plt. Which supported the 1st. Bde 101st Airborne and the 3rd Bde 82nd Airborne. 

Thanks for your help.

Robert Sproul


June 1, 2005

I’m a very good friend of John Popkey, originally from Milwaukee WI who recently has been diagnosed with PSP, a Parkinson’s + disease that I’m trying to link it to AO exposure. John served with the 82nd from Feb 68-69. From information I have been able to gather he participated in operations in Hue, along the Cambodian border, Saigon and the delta and based in Bien Hao, from the data I have compiled to date, John’s situation is being reviewed by specialists at the VA Parkinson’s research center in Tampa.
If you have any contact with fellow vets from the 82nd who are experiencing any health issues I would appreciate it you could ask them to contact me to gather information in an attempt to get this pushed through. I’m trying to establish a data base that clearly shows a grouping of vets and a relationship between AO and neurological disorders of any type.
I have found lab animal studies that have indicated genetic changes due to dioxin exposure and could prove to be related to MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s like diseases. It appears that these health issues may be the next generation of AO related problems for us.
My sole motivation in doing this is to assist John’s wife in getting medical treatment for John.
Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ross Knutson