82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

November 6, 2006

Airborne, All The Way!

Category: All Messages,Humor – Ron Yorkovich 10:25 pm

A paratrooper gets out of the Army after Nam and lives his life like the American dream.
When the war on Iraq comes around 40 years later, he goes down to the local recruiting station, and tells the recruiter, “I want in, I wanna fight.”

But the recruiter says, “Sorry man, you’re too old.”
“Fine,” the guy says. “I’ll go to the Pentagon. I have a friend there. He’ll let me in!”
So he goes to the Pentagon and tells his friend, “I want in, I wanna fight.”

But his friend says, “Sorry Buddy, you’re too old.”
“Fine,” the trooper says. “I’ll buy a boat and row to Iraq!”
So he goes out and buys himself a rowboat and starts rowing to Iraq, chanting “Airborne, All The Way!” over and over again.

St. Peter sees all this and goes to God and says, “Lord, what do I do to stop this guy?”
God tells St. Peter, “Why don’t you take his brain? It’s the root of all thought.”

So St. Peter takes the guy’s brain.
It doesn’t faze him. “Airborne, All The Way!”
St. Peter then says, “Now what?!”

God replies, “Why don’t you take his heart? It’s the seat of all emotion.”
So St. Peter takes it. Doesn’t faze the guy. “Airborne, All The Way!”

St. Peter says, “Now what should I do?”
God smiles and says, “Take his balls.”

So St. Peter takes the guy’s balls.
The guy stops rowing, looks confused, turns his boat around, and begins chanting, “Off we go, into the wild blue yonder…”

November 2, 2006

SGT. Koons here reporting for duty!

Category: All Messages,Looking For – Ron Yorkovich 9:15 pm

SGT. Koons here reporting for duty. Served w/ D Co. 2nd 505th from May ‘68 til Feb. ‘69. 4th platoon / Mortar Platoon. Happy to find this site. Just got to drop a note to our boxies family about the fine job he did. Where are you Dale Beers? Fast Dependable and Courteous. Nordhorn, Dailey, Ski, Cap’n Crunch, Hale Yes, ….. (I’ll remember everyone else when I sign off!) – ALL THE WAY
RVN Unit: Co. D 2nd 505th.
RVN Dates May ‘68 to Feb. ‘69.
Location Now Georgetown, TX.
September 27, 2004 20:44:58 (GMT Time)
John J. Koons

John I saw your name and remembered you; have you heard from Daily? I stay in contact with Homer Wilson – he’s in W.VA. I live in N.C.

W.Scott Carroll