82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

December 19, 2006

Thank You, Golden Brigade!

Category: All Messages – Ron Yorkovich 1:50 pm
Headquarters, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Contingency Operating Base Sepicher, Iraq
APO AE 09393
12 December 2006

Dear Golden Brigade,

Not too long ago we received the gifts you sent for Project Christmas in Combat. I cannot say thank you enough for the support you have shown the soldiers who will be spending this Christmas away from their families. I am continually humbled by the support from so many back home for us at Camp Speicher in Iraq. It is always overwhelming to see the people who do not know us by name, but are willing to pray for us and send us presents at Christmas, letting us know we are not forgotten. Thank you very much!


The other chaplains and assistants and I took some pictures with the presents and I have included the best one. We will also be taking some pictures on Christmas Day with other soldiers. I will send some of them to you as well.

Thank you again for all the support you and the entire Golden Brigade crew have shown us Panthers.

On Christmas day the gifts you sent will be distributed to over 4,000 soldiers and US service members on North Speicher. I am confident that every service member will feel the warmth of Christmas because of your support for all of us here.

pic2.jpgMay this Christmas be more treasured knowing that you have helped bring the spirit of Christmas to US service members in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006.

Merry Christmas!

In His Grip!

Brigade Chaplain

December 7, 2006

All-American Week 2007 Canceled!

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MG David M. Rodriguez and CSM Thomas R. Capel regretfully had to cancel All-American Week 2007. This announcement is not a big surprise as more than 75% of the Division is either currently deployed or will deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan in the near future. As for the remaining 25%, Task Force Devils in Baggy Pants is presently ‘holding down the fort’ as the Division’s Ready Brigade (DRB) as well as conducting intensive training in preparation for their deployment in June or July of next year.

Consequently, President Rath, in coordination with the Executive Committee, made the decision to cancel the Veterans’ portion of the All American Week Activities. This includes the Directors’ and Delegates’ Meetings as well as the other meetings such as the Educational Fund. Following this announcement Fayetteville Chapter Chairman, Ray Willard, also reported the Fayetteville Chapter Activities to be canceled. Please be sure that all of our members are informed of these decisions and encourage them to transfer their travel plans from Fayetteville, NC in May, to Harrisburg, PA in August for our 61st Annual Convention. Who knows, perhaps we will be able to partake with the incoming or outgoing troopers at that time.