82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

May 29, 2008

Taps – Larry Law

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It is with deep regret that the National Office announces the death of Past President (1989-1990)Lawrence A. Law.

Larry Law was the keeper of the Association Educational Fund and did a magnificent job that benefited many of our children, including mine, and newly discharged troopers.  He was a fine man who will be sorely missed.

More information regarding the funeral, etc will be made available in a few days once his son Christopher has had the opportunity to make the arrangements.

Manny De Jesus, Association Executive Director

May 28, 2008

The Things They Carried …

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They carried P-38 can openers and heat tabs, watches and dog tags, insect repellent, gum, cigarettes, Zippo lighters, salt tablets, compress bandages, ponchos, Kool-Aid, two or three canteens of water,iodine tablets, sterno, LRRP- rations, and C-rations stuffed in socks.

They carried standard fatigues, jungle boots, bush hats, flak jackets and steel pots. They carried the M-16 assault rifle.

They carried trip flares and Claymore mines, M-60 machine guns, the M-70 grenade launcher, M-14’s, CAR-15’s, Stoners, Swedish K’s, 66mm Laws, shotguns, .45 caliber pistols, silencers, the sound of bullets, rockets, and choppers, and sometimes the sound of silence. They carried C-4 plastic explosives, an assortment of hand grenades, PRC-25 radios, knives and machetes.

Some carried napalm, CBU’s and large bombs; some risked their lives to rescue others. Some escaped the fear, but dealt with the death and damage.

Some made very hard decisions, and some just tried to survive. They carried malaria, dysentery, ringworms and leaches. They carried the land itself as it hardened on their boots. They carried stationery, pencils, and pictures of their loved ones – real and imagined.

They carried love for people in the real world and love for one another. And sometimes they disguised that love: “Don’t mean nothin’!”

They carried memories for the most part, they carried themselves with poise and a kind of dignity. Now and then, there were times when panic set in, and people squealed or wanted to, but couldn’t; when they twitched and made moaning sounds and covered their heads and said “Dear God” and hugged the earth and fired their weapons blindly and cringed and begged for the noise to stop and went wild and made stupid promises to themselves and God and their parents, hoping not to die.

They carried the traditions of the United States Army, and memories and images of those who served before them.

They carried grief, terror, longing and their reputations. They carried the soldier’s greatest fear: the embarrassment of dishonor. They crawled into tunnels, walked point, and advanced under fire, so as not to die of embarrassment. They were afraid of dying, but too afraid to show it.

They carried the emotional baggage of men and women who might die at any moment.

They carried the weight of the world; they carried each other

Author Unknown

President Bush Honors 82nd Heroes

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Presidents often visit the 82nd. President Eisenhower received a delegation in the Oval Office. Lyndon Johnson sent us off to Vietnam. On Thursday, May 22, 2008, President George Bush spent almost the entire day at Fort Bragg honoring our recently returned young heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan.

He spoke at Division Review and “trooped the line” on foot. This is a ceremonial inspection that goes back to Roman or Greek times in which the commander shows himself to his men. Walking is highly unusual as previous guests rode in a Humvee to inspect the troops due to the size of the formation but the President insisted that he get on the ground with the soldiers. A very noble gesture, to be sure.

He also presented 2 Distinguished Service Crosses and several Silver Stars to 82nd troopers.

After the Division Review, he attended the Memorial Service outside the 82nd Museum and dedicated the Global War on Terrorism monument. The 82nd lost 97 troopers this past year alone. The President greeted each Gold Star family and expressed his condolences before they placed a gold rose at the base of the monument.

The tears rolled, including mine, at the reading of the names of so many young heroes. God Bless them all.  Following is a letter that I wrote to the President in thanks for paying tribute to our fallen men and women.  We have also sent him a Golden Brigade challenge coin.


May 28, 2008

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC 20502

RE: Fort Bragg, NC Memorial Service

Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of all the members of the Golden Brigade Chapter, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the honor that you bestowed upon the heroes of the 82nd Airborne Division, past and present, by your appearance at Fort Bragg on Thursday, May 22, 2008.

Our chapter is composed of Veterans who served with the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam.  We lost 227 KIA and about 1,250 WIA during our 22 months “in country” 40 years ago. We have a special place in our hearts and souls for those that have followed on after us and have served our country with their selfless sacrifices.

These young men and women who are serving today are our historical sons and daughters . They carry on a proud tradition that goes back 91 years and we are very, very proud of them as all Americans should be.

On behalf of our chapter, please accept the enclosed Challenge Coin as a small token of our profound appreciation for taking the time to honor these young heroes.

Airborne, All the Way and God Bless America!!

Richard F. O’Hare, American
Treasurer, Golden Brigade Chapter, 82nd Abn Div. Assn. Inc.

May 2, 2008

All-American Week AA 3rd BCT Picnic Invitation

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Gentlemen and Ma’am,
3 BCT’s (505th PIR) picnic, which occurs during 82nd Airborne Division’s
All American Week, is scheduled for Tuesday, 20 May, 1300; the location
is next to the 3 BCT HQs. You and your significant other are invited to

Please RSVP to 1LT Tony Cox, the Panther A/S1, by 16 May 08, at (910)
643-6050/6053 or email anthony.j.cox@us.army.mil; he is also cc’d above.

We look forward to seeing you there.
MAJ J.R. Reid
Panther 1
DSN 239-9625
(910) 432-9625