82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

February 17, 2011

All American Week

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Confirming that Holiday Inn Bordeaux will be the main hotel. Overflow hotels on tap. Schedule of events still TBC.Go to 82nd association website for details and signup forms.
Hotel Phone #’s 910-323-0111, 877-834-3613.code a82

Wounded Warrior Project

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It is time for ALL of us to start getting our stuff in order for the Association’s 82nd Wounded Warrior Project.  We need to raise money from our membership for this project.

Remember, these young wounded troopers belong to us.

We will need help from all of the Veteran Chapters and the Division.

I want to thank Susan, Dave Foy’s daughter, for her enormous fund raising for this project!
Everyone in this email header will have to play a part in this endeavor.  We had around $2,000.00 left from last year.  Now, we had some very good people get this together the past years and I will need your help.  I was raised on a farm/ranch and know tractors and cattle.  I was an 11 Jungle in the 82nd in Vietnam and was a railroad engineer forever.  I don’t have many office skills but I’m good at b.s. and raising awareness and some money for this worthy project.

As far as Veteran Chapters are concerned; I no of no one who would not contribute to this cause.  For our Association; we always work on membership.  Especially retaining Joe Airborne when he leaves the Division.  Bringing these Wounded Paratroopers can help with this also.  Not all of these troopers will be forced out of the 82d because of injuries.  Those that stay, come to our convention and go back to our division will eventually tell his brothers, probably on the other side of the world, “hey, when I was wounded and hospitalized, the 82nd Airborne Division Association brought me to the National Convention and it was great”.  This shows our Paratroopers that we care and the others that, “I want to be in an association such as this”.

I need not remind you that… Only two people have ever shed blood for us, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier!


Carl H. Bludau
Chairman, Golden Brigade Chapter
National Director
National Chairman, Wounded Warrior Project
82nd Airborne Division Association

Make checks payable to;  82nd Airborne Division Association Wounded Warrior Warrior Project and mail to my address, 508 Basswood St., Victoria, Texas 77904.  This is now a 501 (C) 3, non profit donation.  All can claim as a donation for the tax year.  We did send most money to Rich for we are the only 501 chapter in the entire association but, now this falls into a separate 501 that has just been approved by the IRS.