82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

June 30, 2011

Gary Sinise Documentary Raises Money For U.S. Troops Every Time You Watch It

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Gary Sinise alone makes up for a lot of the Hollywood liberals who denigrate the military.


Thanks to Tom Fairfull for this contribution.

June 27, 2011

Looking for Tony E. Coates

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I’m just “One of Many” who served. I’m retired after an Army career (11th ACR 69-70 RVN).  I was cleaning out my parents basement and ran across an ARCOM that my Dad brought home from RVN and had hoped to mail to a guy who worked for him if he could find the guy’s forwarding address. I suspect the ARCOM was prepared after the guy DEROS’d or was Medevac’d, I know nothing about the guy. Dad never found the guy, but with the internet now, there’s a chance I can. My dad was MSG George H. Nelson, Motor SGT in RVN in 1970-71, (died at age 83 in Oct, 2004). If anyone knows the current whereabouts of TONY E COATES (SSN last 4 is 8479) –  3rd Bde, 82 Abn,(PFC at the time), the ARCOM is for the period 30 May 69 – 22 Oct 69, and there’s a Golden Brigade Viet-Nam Combat Certificate signed on 11 May 1970 in the citation folder.

Lou Nelson (LTC ret., USA)

June 22, 2011

GBC Updates

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Just to keep everyone in the loop:

  • In Reno, we have Thursday night dinner lined up at Louis’ Basque Corner – about 3 1/2 blocks from the Silver Legacy.
  • Dickie Keaton and I are working on a postcard to send out to everyone to encourage them to come – $30 a head for a fantastic dinner.
  • Panther Association is planning to be there too, but things are not firmed up.
  • If you are going to be there, let me know so we can make sure we have enough space- we had a great time there in 2004 and these people are wonderful to work with.
  • I have received 288 glasses like we had done for our 42nd reunion toast to the ladies. They are simple but elegant – “MG Alexander R. Bolling Jr. – Night Rider” on 1 side and and an 82nd patch with ‘Golden’ above it and ‘Vietnam’ below it.
  • On the painting, we are at about $13,000 in donations. They are slowing down but still coming in.   Ken Steelman is working with the artist to get us something to post on the website to hopefully speed things up.
  • Gen Bolling is not doing well. Notification of his passing will be posted here and by email.

Thanks to you all – you are great guys.

Richard F. O’Hare, Treasurer
Golden Brigade Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Association, Inc.
4075 Old River Trail
Powhatan, VA 23139-4112

June 21, 2011

Goodbye Vietnam

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Thanks to Keith Allen for this contribution.

Ken Williams

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Ken Williams (82nd MP’s) marched with us in the Division Review and was very short of breath.  He went to the Emergency Room and they found the problem.  He spent 24 days in the hospital but it looks like they got all the cancer.

He’s home now recovering from lung cancer surgery and would appreciate any commo.

Marching in the Division Review probably saved his life.

Ken Williams
5308 Hornbeam Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304-5820

Home phone: 910 425-1320
Email: kwilliams390@nc.rr.com

June 17, 2011

82nd Convention, August 3-6, 2011, Reno, NV

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Golden Brigade Troopers,

We are planning a wonderful get together of Golden Brigade Veterans and their families in Reno at the 82nd Aborne Division Convention. Here’s what it is stacking up to look like.

  • Hospitality suite will be open Wednesday throughSaturday night. We’ll need help setting up, stocking etc so don’t be bashful about lending your horsepower.
  • It will likely be a joint suite with the active 505, Panther Association and us – that’s great as we get to meet the young troopers – you know the skinny, muscular ones with hair – although it is very short.
  • Convention will be at the Silver Legacy Resort in downtown Reno.
  • Check your latest Paraglide for more info on registering for the convention and hotel reservations.  If you don’t have it, check http://www.82ndairborneassociation.org/ for info.
  • There are interesting side trips, either through the Association or on your own so you may want to come in earlier.

Now here is the good part—

The Golden Brigade Chapter is planning a fun evening on Thursday, August 4, 2011.  No rubber chickens here.  We will be going to Louis’ Basque Corner to a
fantastic dinner. The Basques are a people in mountainous northern Spain who eternally give the Spanish government a fit but they sure know how to cook!! A number of them came to this country in the 1800’s to herd sheep and farm and brought their fantastic heritage cooking with them. It’s only a 3 ½ block walk from the hotel.

We went there in 2004 and had a wonderful time with more food and drink than you could handle. It’s family style and includes multiple courses, dessert and wine or soft drinks on the table.  If you go away hungry it will be your fault.

Here’s the deal.   Cost is $30 per head including everything for the dinner.  So we can make reservations, send a check ASAP  to:

Golden Brigade Chapter
4075 Old River Trail
Powhatan, VA 23139-4112

Proper, prior planning prevents P.. P… performance so help out here. I’m hungry already!

We look forward to a wonderful time and see you soon!

Rich O’Hare

June 16, 2011

MG Bolling

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Troopers and Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked about Gen Bolling’s condition.  Here’s what we know and how you can help:

  • Gen Bolling is in a hospice situation so that he can get the best of care.
  • He is still lucid and keeps talking about his soldiers in the Golden Brigade.
  • His son, Russ, is carefully monitoring his care and all communications will go through Russ. (See address below)
  • You are asked to write short cards or notes to Gen Bolling through Russ. He really enjoys the thoughts from his troopers.
    Do not try to call as Russ is very busy.
  • We have given Gen Bolling an 82nd flag for his room and he liked that.
  • Bob Murrill (1/508), a dear friend of Gen Bolling’s, has been designated by our Chapter as our point man in these matters.
  • As much as we love the man, we must be very careful not to intrude on the family’s privacy and sorrow. We are there to support.

All commo to:

MG Alexander R. Bolling, Jr.
c/o Mr. Russ Bolling
317 North  Heartz Road
Coppell,  TX 75019

We will keep you posted so check the website.

Rich O’Hare