82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam) Golden Brigade – Vietnam 1968 – 1969

July 17, 2011

Website Update

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For the time being, the requirement for logging in to make comments has been suspended. Recent updates to WordPress (the engine that the GBC website uses) have made it easier to monitor spam. The spammers never give up, but it is easier to control.

So for now, I have enabled commenting to NEW posts/articles. Logging in is still preferred, just not necessary. All posts will still be monitored.

Last, thanks to everyone who submits contributions!


What Was Your Pay in Vietnam?

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1968 pay chart

Thanks to Dickie Keaton for thic contribution!

Reno 2011

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Troopers, It looks like the GBC will have a great turnout. The good thing is that there will be  a bunch of 1st timers from the West Coast.  Let’s welcome them with open arms. I’m figuring at least 50 GBC plus for Thursday night.

I am proposing that we have fun night on Thursday with funny stories – not combat stuff – Dickies’ jump or slick boy story,  Rick’s alligator story etc. – Let’s just have fun. Everyone can tell a story.

John Bell (Rick Randazzo’s buddy for what ever that means!!!) wants to put on a presentation about Gen Bolling.  He was a photo guy and spent a bunch of time with Gen Bolling. I suggested Sat AM.

Jimmie Hallis, the 82nd Museum Curator will also join us on Thursday night – the first time the musem has sent someone to the convention in recent times. Jimmie is working on expanding the GB exhibit at Bragg – let’s help him. He’s a great guy.

See you soon in Reno!

Rich O’Hare

July 4, 2011

Carl Davis

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My name is Joe Davis.  My Uncle, Carl Davis, was a Sergeant in B Co 1/505 3rd BDE under LT William Gunter 1969-70.

Uncle Carl passed away last September.  He sometimes spoke, briefly, with me about his time in Vietnam.  When I was younger, he would sit and show me a few pictures now and again.  He would tell me who these people were.  Sometimes he would tell me which of his friends were injured or worse.  However, he was suffering from PTSD and carried the majority of these memories deep within himself.    I would quietly listen when he brought up the matter on til the moment passed.  I was very protective of Uncle Carl and respected the unspoken boundries.

Uncle Carl, in the last couple years of life, had begun to come to terms with his experience in Vietnam.  Eventually, I think he opened up with me a little more than most in the family as I served in the military within the Navy.  He had asked me to find Lt Gunter for him.  I did, with the help of a gentleman in the Lt’s old hometown.  Unfortunately, Lt. Gunter had passed away in 1982.  However Uncle Carl did get to speak with the LT’s family.  He even had contact with a couple other veterans through your website who I had contacted from the e-mails in your forum.  All this helped him greatly.

More details came than ever the past time we got together at his home in Memphis.  He brought out all his photos, told me who everyone was and what had happened to everyone.  He pointed out places in country on a flag that had a map on it.  Uncle Carl was happier than I had ever seen him before.  He even asked me to help him ask the Army replace his medals.  Knowing the time such a request takes, the niece and nephews got together and bought the medals where they would reach him in a matter of days.

My cousin, Carman, called me from Uncle Carl’s house in tears saying “The medals came in the mail, Uncle Carl wants to pay for them!”  I told her to put him on the phone.  He said, “Joey, I am paying for these medals.  I know they are expensive!”  To which I told him, “Uncle Carl, you already paid for them . . . let us buy the replacements.”  I could hear him take a long breath and finally said “Oh, son!”

This background brings me to my request to you and the men with whom you served.  I sincerely wish to honor Uncle Carl and all with whom he served in writing.  While I myself am not a professional writer, the gentleman who befriended Uncle Carl and me through the search for Lt Gunter is and has graciously offered to assist in this endeavor.

Lt Gunter’s family has already sent me a copy of his journal from Vietnam.  I would love to hear from anyone who served with Uncle Carl and would like to share any information what-so-ever.  I have always been interested in where Uncle Carl was in his time in Vietnam.  Provinces, villages, dates, any temporary duty assignments, the works.  This will allow me to tap the National Archives.

Moreover, I would like anyone who will to please explain the duties of a Sergeant in his squad and platoon.  I was a Petty Officer in peacetime and even taught new Navy NCOs in Petty Officer Indoctrination Classes and Rights and Responsibility trianing.  While I may understand military life, obviously, my personal experiences will not correspond in the least with that of the Airborne Infantryman in Vietnam.

Any memories and experiences your members would be willing to share will be most appreciated and held with the same respect and esteem I have always given my Uncle.  Of course, any memories specificly concerning Uncle Carl would be more valuable to me than gold.

While this may be a needle-in-the-haystack exercise, I am hoping some of your members will pass this along amongst themselves.

My cousin, Carman, wrote a song for Uncle Carl not long before his passing just over a year back.  It is a tribute to all of you who served there.  We put photos to the music and wished to share this with you and your fellow Vietnam Veterans.

I thought perhaps I could ask to post the link to the song on your site for everyone who served with Uncle Carl..

Here is the link to Uncle Carl’s song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjhBLr-llEk

It would be very interesting to find out if anyone recognized Uncle Carl in the photos too.

Thanks so much.  God bless!

Thank you all for your service. God bless you and yours.


Joe Davis
Maryville, Tennessee

July 2, 2011

All American Week on the Food Channel

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From Dickie Keaton:

I just watched the Food Channel’s show about All American Week. Golden Bde and Panther Association people were on TV from the McKellars lodge picnic.

After watching the show, I found out that the Deputy Commander of XVIII Abn Corps (MG Rodney O. Anderson http://www.bragg.army.mil/Leadership/MG-Anderson.aspx) is the uncle of Sunny Anderson (the host of the TV Show).  He told her to “spice up the food” for the troops!!  The show will be rebroadcast on July the 4th at 6 pm eastern time.

Tune in to Sunny Anderson’s show this weekend to see her special featuring our Paratroopers and families shot during our Panther Regimental Picnic during All American week. The show will air Saturday, 2 July at 10:00 a.m. and Monday, 4 July, at 6:00 p.m.   Check local listings.

Cooking for Real : Sunny Anderson : Food Network